Our intention is

to create space

for all worlds to meet 

in harmony

with each other

and in Nature.


Our goal is

to inspire you

with intelligent and beautiful content

 stories that invite you to relax and have fun with us.

Our wish is

that when you encounter youSelf

 you like how you feel.


How do we do it?

Moment by moment,

breath by breath,

all ways with love.

What is Namaste La Onda Natural?

Namaste La Onda Natural is conscious multimedia

 its service is to connect people

to all namaste experiences of life

offered by people

in different parts of the planet.


Namaste life experiences

are dedicated experiences

to peace, harmony, happiness, and freedom,

for the good of all.


A sustainable platform with a membership model 

108 pesos per month.

A platform where recommended experiences

are based on experience.

A magazine 

 purely inspirational

A digital magazine for those who like to travel

in peace, harmony, happy and free, for the benefit of all.


Namaste La Onda Natural is a digital platform

including editorial, video, sound, music, conscious multimedia

with the pure intention of inspiring everyone to live

in nature in peace, harmony, peace, and freedom

for the good of all.


Everyone is welcome.

It is a family friendly platform

Namaste La Onda Natural loves animals.


Namaste La Onda Natural is a place of encounter

for everyone who lives or seeks

peace, harmony, happiness and freedom.


Namaste La Onda Natural is a multilingual platform.


Namaste La Onda Natural is

your space in time ~ always evolving

 united in Peace.


Gurus of the future is Namaste blog

GurusTV is Namaste video channel

Namaste Natural Wave is Namaste newspaper

Namaste Coconut Wire is where the word spreads

the stories that are told with the wo.d

Our intention is to serve

on the path that we all walk

in happiness. 

United in Peace * United in Peace

This is what we do 

Conscious Multimedia Production  


                             Music Production 

                                              Social Media Platform 

                                                               Multi-lingüal Editorial 

                                                                               Translation & Localization 

                                                                                               Dubbing & VO Production

                                                                                                                 Recording & Mixing

                                                                                                                                        Sound Design

~ Open to receive, guided to suceed, always evolving.


Bryan Kest

master yogi | yogi maestro| PowerYoga® Founder 

Matias Lanzi 

 LA audio | video | music | programming | integration |

Flor Lanzi

LA creative project manager | marketing agency | music management


Frank Angiuli

LA visionary & fashion designer | visionario & diseñador de moda 

Brigitte Mars 

CO herbalist and HomeHolisticHealing artist | artista de las hierbas y la curación holística casera

Wendy Davis

Nutritional Chef 

Kim Gaia

Sustainability Consulting

Lola Castillo

Yogi Traveler Namaste Embassador

Mundo Masala

Travel Agency

Adriana Patiño

Travel Photography


Travel Writer

Cristina Pineda Estrada

Cabo Concierge

Marketing Director


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